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The Farmstead

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Through a broken gate, down a path of packed grey dirt. Run and hide. Run and hide until you’re lost in the corn...

The Farmstead is an official adventure for Crescent Moon, written by Mikey Hamm and illustrated and edited by Ema Acosta.

The Adventure

  • 8-page illustrated supplement set on a long-forgotten family farm. Clothes bleach on the line, weeds choke the grounds, and no one is here except those who can’t leave. What will you find lurking behind the corn?

  • Designed for sandbox play, The Farmstead provides you with different threads to pull from and roads to take, without forcing you into any particular path.

  • Foldable physical edition, printed in a single A3 sheet. Everything you need to play is contained within.

  • Support for 1-3 sessions of play. Drop it into your existing campaign, use it as a oneshot, or kick off a game with it before moving onto bigger, weirder journeys.

  • Designed for Crescent Moon ☾, compatible with any other role-playing game.

  • PDF included with each purchase!